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Stirred by the weight of the midterm elections, TRISHES speaks out on the issues most important to her in the edgy, minimalist track “Money.” The song, which is produced by Grammy nominated producer First Born (Nicki Minaj, Ludacris, Flo Rida), is accompanied by a small visual art collection made by the singer herself, as well as a spoken word piece elaborating on the construct of possession as it relates to human existence.

In an interview with the Trinidadian Guardian, TRISHES details the inspiration for the track, saying:

Without money we wouldn’t have been able to make significant social and scientific advances. We would still be stocking up bushels of corn to trade for wool and stuff like that. But money also makes it possible for one man to have more property and wealth than he could ever use or need, while another man is begging me to buy him chicken nuggets on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s really bizarre.”

“Money” is the second single off of TRISHES upcoming EP EGO, due out in early 2019. The project is a mixed media collection based on the Freudian “ego” (the conscious self). On the record, TRISHES dives into 5 human elements developed to separate our species from our primal drives: government, money, self awareness, creativity and language.

The first single from EGO, “Hydra,” was released on September 21st and has garnered radio play in the Caribbean as well as 300,000 plays on Spotify.

TRISHES is a project by Trinidadian native Trish Hosein, created to express Freud’s constructs of self (the primal, conscious and spiritual) through spoken word, live looping and vocal effects.

Hosein began touring the U.S. and abroad after graduating from the Berklee College of Music, and has opened for acts like Damian Marley, Vic Mensa, K. Flay, Neon Hitch and Gavin Turek. Her transcendental performance has received critical acclaim internationally; and has earned her spots at festivals like Cannabis Cup, CMW, Alcheringa (India), SXSW, Women’s Redrock Festival and Tune in Tel Aviv.


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