TROOFFOREVER delivers motivational jams and much more on the “Forever” EP | @troofforever |


Twenty-seven year old DMV native TROOFFOREVER presents “Forever”, a six piece EP focusing on the pursuit of happiness while enroute on the road to riches and diamond rings

Washington D.C. delegate TROOFFOREVER has his mind set on embedding his music and name into the history books. Though a mortal man, TROOF is driven to pen and perform songs of a gargantuan level. One of his main goals is to create the type of music that will withstand the test of time. With the release of his new project “Forever”, he does an outstanding job of moving in that exact direction.

From the opening track “Get Paid”, we get a good taste of what the DMV artist has to offer. He speaks about the plight of the inner city mentality and the journey one must take to make a better life for themselves. A cross hybrid of the chilled out delivery of Curren$y and the bouncy, commercial vibes of Wale; TROOFFOREVER brings a new type of flavor to the airwaves. Aside from financial motivators, T.F. throws on his game face for “To The League” and ends the EP with a lady friendly record, “Sex So Good”, with Whitney Sweetwine.

Six clean songs with no filler whatsoever, “Forever” is worthy of multiple spins. Listen to the full project on Spotify, up above.



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