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Memphis, especially in recent years, has been a breeding ground for great hiphop / rap (Juicy J, Yo Gotti, Young Dolph). Artists such as these have created a fertile ground for new rappers and entertainers to step out and change the game. Enter TRUB (or TRUB Chef, as put by his fans), a new voice with a unique tinge.



Always flashy, TRUB wants to give a new perspective to rap with his music. Straying away from the sex, drugs, and negativity of the industry, TRUB’s lyrics are profound and hold weight beyond the immediate moment, giving his music an element of timelessness, speaking mainly about motivation and grinding to the “Top”.

Trub Chef

After moving to Atlanta to pursue music more seriously TRUB began to find his own. In doing this he was able to hone his craft, share the stage with such acts as Wiz Khalifa and Post Malone, work with industry legends, and has amassed a large social media following.

Most recently, TRUB has dropped his debut single and music video off his Sophomore album ‘Genesis’ called “Top”. The music video has amassed over 200,000 views in just one month and features eye-grabbing visuals and catchy sing-rapping lyrical content.

His sights aimed far beyond one genre of music, TRUB has experience dealing with multiple genres and will continue to put his own stamp (specifically, his Skull logo) on everything he can.

Be sure to check out the “Top” music video on YouTube (link Here)

And visit for all things TRUB.


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