Trvp Townes – “Trvp vs Townes” (Mixtape) | @trvptownes |

Hattiesburg, MS rapper Trvp Townes releases his latest project “Trvp vs Townes”. Living a double life, Trvp Townes gets up close and personal in his debut mixtape. Hosted by DJ Seanblaze, Trvp does not miss a beat, it plays like a trap poet introspectively looking back over the trial and tribulations of his movie like life. Trvp finesses each beat by using his lyrical prowness to paint a picture of the harsh realities associated with Trvp vs Townes. There are wins and losses in the streets, but only the strong survive. Check the mixtape above. Follow him on social media below:

Twitter: @trvptownes

Instagram : trvptownes
Snapchat : joshuatownes


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