Tuck Take Us to the Streets with ‘The Ride [Music Video] | @JTuck609


The Ride

Trenton emcee Tuck has been slowly making his way across the country and into the heart of listeners everywhere over the last nine months. Sticking with the same reality-based flow fans loved on The Prelude and his Perky’s Calling freestyle, Tuck’s latest visual release The Ride stays true to his roots of revealing the truth of all matters through blood drench bars dripping in hidden metaphors.

Long considered the top act out of his New Jersey hometown, Tuck keeps his sights on enlightening the world about the struggle of a young black male looking to make it out the depths of one of the most notorious cities on the East Coast. With his Block Life Entertainment movement in tow, Tuck has broadened the support system of his conglomerate winning over supporters throughout the tri-state.

The Ride aims at enhancing every listeners understanding of what occurs in the ghetto and the harsh realities that accompany the darkness of the streets. A leader in the underground and within his city, Tuck’s dedication and persistence in his rhymes is a cohesive blend of the rights and wrongs of the world, wrapped in a lyrical package and presented with grace and substance.