TyC & Sonny Step -Special – TyC Remix

Blending hi-fi pop with a soulful rnb aesthetic, TyC’s remix of Special is a unique collaboration between these two up and coming artists that adds an electronic punch! TyC opens the record with a pallete of synth work, and a different bass progression fueled by a thumping 808 and later cascading into huge layers of trap drums! The chorus drop is extremely minimal, exploding into a more organic drum track under a melting pot of vocal chops, and melodic breaks. He sets the stage perfectly for Sonny to deliver this cutting edge vocal performance and by the end, Sonny’s choir-layered sound climaxes into the last sweeping guitar solo . This collaboration combines TyC’s large arrangement aesthetic with Sonny’s retro-60’s aesthetic, and if one thing is for sure these two are definitely ones to watch this summer!





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