TyShawn Dion “Humble Pie”

TyShawn Dion is a 21 year old hip hop artist. A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, TyShawn was a well known local talent on the football field which eventually lead to a stint playing for the University of Connecticut’s division I football team; however being forced to take a two year hiatus from music in order to pursue an athletic career took a toll on him and eventually helped lead to his departure from the team. With his explosive delivery and fine-combed flow, TyShawn has been captivating the ears of audiences across the board since the adolescent age of 7. His ability to flip words was put on display in the “SteadyWave Cypher 2015” which instantly attained viral status after grossing over 100k views in a matter of 5 days. The purge-based cypher gained notoriety of several popular blogs including Hip Hop Avenue, and Hip Hop Tunes. Dion has also gained the respect and praise from several heavy hitters in the music industry including Worcester’s own Joyner Lucas, and Boston’s Gio Dee. His charisma and lust for the spotlight make TyShawn Dion nearly impossible to overlook and with the releases of his newest singles “One Night Stand” and “Humble Pie” which have already been picked up by several blogs, it’s only a matter of time before his name is plastered everywhere.

What happened with football?: During my Freshman season at the University of Connecticut, I was granted the opportunity to perform on an unofficial stage at SXSW in Austin, TX along with being booked for a mini, 3 show tour in Los Angeles, Orlando, FL and Newark, NJ. Upon discovering my first uploaded video from the summer directly before my arrival at the University, I was called in for a meeting with my head coach. According to him, as brought to his attention by our Athletic Director at the time- the NCAA handed a decision which stated that “my entry into any club and or venue free of admission even to perform was prohibited by the NCAA. Also, they stated that the presence of my vehicle in the aforementioned video was a violation of NCAA guidelines and would be considered promoting a brand that had no affiliation with the university. All of these instances were deemed punishable by a loss of scholarships and my place on the team despite taking place either before my entry or potentially in the future. I was then given the ultimatum to either quit the team or quit music, and after much deliberation I made one of the hardest decisions of my life and quit music in order to commit to football full time. After a two year stint with the program and hiatus from music, I found that I no longer had a passion for football and began to feel as though I should focus on music; ironically enough, I became ill with a blood infection that hospitalized me and caused me to take a medical leave of absence from the university for the entire Spring Semester of 2016- as a result, upon my return, I left football behind and the rest is history.