Unchained XL is a UK born Nigerian Hip Hop artist and producer with a unique, Afrocentric sound.  Smashing Aotearoa (NZ) with his high energy live sets over summer, here is his first single from ‘The Migrant Mind’ – ‘My Only Home’ feat. Genesis Elijah & O.Femi (UK).

‘My Only Home’ is a hard hitting commentary on the global refugee crisis.

The track is an emotive, down tempo hip hop ballad with a New Orleans pipe band influence with that distinct Unchained XL style.

‘The Migrant Mind’ EP is the highly anticipated follow up to last years’ EP, ‘Foreign Legacy’, and blends traditional afrofunk and afrobeat inspired textures, utilising a combination of live instruments and synths supported by his live band.  ‘Foreign Legacy’ spawned the well-received singles ‘E No dey Easy’‘What You Said’ and ‘But do they Know’.


‘My Only Home’ deals with the issue of borders and migration. In general, the EP sets out to capture an example of the kind of brooding complexity and whirlpool    of issues existing in the mind of a non-western migrant.

‘The Migrant Mind’ EP  builds upon several themes introduced in Foreign Legacy, including the strive for excellence and dissatisfaction with mediocrity, racial consciousness, black unity and self-identity. It also touches on more concrete issues, such as in ‘Figures’, which talks about how the pen is more destructive than       the gun in both western and Nigerian contexts.

2019 will showcase more of Unchained XL’s explosive musical diversity, with more music coming out, even after this brilliant new EP.


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