Unique Asun & Anthony Bailey – “God Zilla”

A collection of lyrical and musical art that brings forth Unique Asun & Anthony Bailey’s masterful contribution to the hip-hop world. It welcomes you in the mind of an artist who has this deep urge within to share you his experiences, views and thoughts on the world by using clever word plays, illustrative thinking and soulful hip-hop jazzy vibrations. Either when sharing opinions or human relationship experiences, the whole LSD album is about shaking up people’s mind in order to spark an interest in whoever’s listening to strive for individual and collective improvement. Think of it as a hard but revealing awakening just like a psychedelic experience can be!

This joint pictures many social problems and at the same time suggests empowerment as an answer to all the prejudice. The mystical beast Godzilla was in the end only there to protect us humans, but we never saw that in Godzilla. Unique Asun uses that metaphor to picture colored people sad reality most too often. Anthony for his part, using his prodigious taste in jazz, sampled a record he kept away for a special occasion!


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