UU Releases New Single “Contagious” |

At just 17 years old, Nashville native rapper UU is set to take the industry by storm with his unique sound. Originally born Uylus Johnson Jr., UU has achieved a lot in the year 2018; he finished the year off with over 200,000 streams on SoundCloud, and over 188,000 streams on Spotify. He collaborated with meme superstar Dbangz for the first time on his extremely intense EP I’m Goin’ Innn!, Vol. 1. 2018 was also the year that UU removed most of his music from all platforms except SoundCloud, and only left up a few songs such as 20 Racks, his biggest song to date— Bread Up, and also released a couple of big singles; More Than Friends, Up Next, and his controversially successful single Fan Of Myself (Problems).

His style closely resembles the quick and witty punchlines and vocal techniques as Travis Scott and Drake, while adding hints of catchy love songs here and there that’ll give you a T-Pain and Tory Lanez kind of feel. UU’s main goal is to entertain and captivate his audience with real stories about his life, relationships, and experiences, while maintaining his artistic and personal integrity. With the rise of his local awareness in his city, UU knows that this is only just the beginning, and he has a lot in store for those who plan to listen.


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