TripleHQ Premiere: VALLEY LATINI – “Pay My Rent”


Brooklyn based singer/songwriter/performer Valley Latini takes a dark twist on modern pop music with the new single “Pay My Rent”. The single is dark, grungy, and a borderline anthemic pop song, somewhere in the realm between retro-futurism, internet culture and post-genre electronics. There is no formula, or agenda to her music, but it’s sexy. The juxtaposition of Valley’s pop music and her IDGAF attitude may just be our favorite thing about her.


The song is homage to the modern working girl that brings to mind Kali Uchis, Dia Lupa and Lana del Rey. Latini’s influences are widespread and her straight forward honesty reflects in this new track via Manimal (Bat for Lashes, Warpaint, Yoko Ono). “Pay My Rent” is the follow up to early 2018’s mystical magical “Dark Mother”.

Check out this new hot single above and let us know what you think.


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