VAN BOBBI – “Vicious Appetite” | @iamvanbobbi |


Van Bobbi himself is as mysterious as he is undeniably cool. Equal parts coffee, coconuts, pineapple and rum, the man embraces an island vibe while simultaneously marrying his soul-pop and r&b roots.

“Vicious Appetite is about being trapped by the anxiety that comes with being a creative person in LA. It’s like a relentless lover that keeps you up at night..and in bed all day, whispering un-sweet nothings in your ear.”

The song was inspired by my move to Los Angeles from San Francisco. I love LA and still find new treasures here everyday. But this city will make you feel alone in ways no other place can/will. You will feel alone in a room full of friendly people or among palm trees and pool parties. It will challenge your creativity and self-esteem. It is also expensive. I wrote this song as I navigated these new waters. I’m in a good place and LA continues to push and pull my heart and my creative self.

Van Bobbi


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