VEAUX is a new pop project by members Aaron Wagner, Andrew Black, and Dominic Wagner.

The band was formerly known as Medic— an indie rock-focused outfit that played alongside of acts like BlondieMiike SnowThe Fray, and Dinosaur Jr, but rebranded as VEAUX when they moved from Colorado to Nashville and decided to take a more pop-heavy route.

As VEAUX, they’ve built a nice buzz completely independently, and have had music placements on MTVABC, etc.

This new endeavor is all about creating music that focuses on the things they felt they were never allowed to talk about before.

They all grew up in very Christian households, but as they got older, they started having big questions about their religion: Who’s actually in charge? Why are certain people excluded from their community? What’s the main goal of it all?

Whenever they would question authority, they were always told that they needed to “get their heart right,” as if asking the hard questions was an indication of a corrupted heart.

And so “Heart Right” was born— a song about speaking truth to power and acknowledging the absurdity of not questioning the bigger picture.

About the track, the band says:

“‘Heart Right’ is a song that we needed to write for many reasons. A few of the songs we put out in our first year of being in a band didn’t quite capture the three of us in the way we needed it to, although I think we learned a lot. With this song, and the songs to come, we’ve worked hard to keep the pop sensibilities and also be three guys in a room playing music. This track captures our wrestle with God and other mysteries of the universe. We grew up in church all of our lives and always felt like the black sheep in the flock. We had questions. We had thoughts. We had issues. ‘Heart Right’ talks about some of the struggles we have with our faith and saying goodbye to faith of our childhood and the days we felt so certain about everything.”


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