LA-based DJ, producer and songwriter VenessaMichaels has revealed her brand new video for “Spell On Me” (feat. Leslyn and Outlaw the Artist) HERE today via the IHEARTCOMIX record label, IHC 1NFINITY. The video is the long awaited missing chapter of the 1NFINITY saga, complete with a post-credits scene that links to 1NFINITY’s sinister and gory music video for Pictureplane’s “Hyper Real.”

“Spell On Me,” directed by Carina Gutierrez & Jasmine Peraza, is a sun soaked adventure with an ominous twist. The video follows Venessa & friends working as promotional distributors of the Hyper Real energy drink, a product of the nefarious N.O.M.A.D.I.C corporation. They work gleefully as they distribute cans of Hyper Real through suburban neighborhoods and the beach. The video ends with a horrific display of the true effects of Hyper Real on consumers.

“This song feels like when you first meet someone who lights up everything inside of your soul, but then you lose them and you’re not sure if you’ll ever see them again. 

When I made a rough version of this beat I immediately thought of Outlaw The Artist to hop on it because he’s from the island Montserrat, but he grew up in London so has an English accent and has the island mixed in it. He laid down this fire verse and hook idea and then he actually introduced me to Leslyn who wrote the hook of the song. I was thrown when I got it back. Together they made this insane, magical topline.” – VenessaMichaels on “Spell On Me” video.

“Spell On Me” was previously featured on The CW’s Charmed series in two separate episodes of their debut season. Recent events saw VenessaMichaels take the stage at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flognaw, this summer’s Splash House88rising’s Head in the Clouds Festival, and perform a stellar DJ set at Coachella. Having been named an Up and Coming Artist by DJ Mag, VenessaMichaels continues to create waves in the music scene.

VenessaMichaels consistently flexes her songwriting, DJ and production skills, working with up-and-coming artists like Kiana LedéLeven KaliMOONZzTay JasperJackson Breit, and Effy, to name a few. In addition to joining the likes of Raury and 6lack on The Indigo Child Tour, VenessaMichaels has shared the stage with Party Favor, Stooki Sound, and most recently Krewella.


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