“​VERBOTEN BERLIN​“ (“forbidden berlin”) consists of the 2 musicians & producers AF&CT.

Their sound is Berlin based. Helium bits in a wooden frame. Kollektiv. The kaputt night. The innocence of youth. Playing around with their “​Neo-Kraut DNA​”, combining the eclectic ​Berlin club culture​ with their personal side and desire of ​composing and songwriting​.

As individual musicians they have already remixed artists such as: ​Booka Shade, Robot Koch, 2Raumwohnung​, Wankelmut, Lana Del Rey, Metronomy, The DO, etc… and have released on club labels such as Get Physical Music & DIYnamic Music.

After the first single “​If I Give It To You​” which featured Australian artist ​Running Touch​ and a hotly tipped remix-package by the likes of ​Tube & Berger, Fell Reis & Chi Thanh​ which charted well on the club charts, VERBOTEN BERLIN also just released a ​Piano Version​ of their single “​Opposite Of Sadness​”, where for the first time the duo took vocal matters in their own hands and feature AF on the mic.

After the successful release of ​REAL OR NATURE​ (1M views on IG) and the ​Booka Shade Remix ​in Septembe​r, ​which was featured in various Spotify Playlists (Electronic Rising…) and already has 6 figure streams, the duo now follows up with their latest offering:​ “DAY IN DAHLEM” ​a deep house instrumental track for the special moments on the dancefloor.

Musically ​“Day In Dahlem” ​starts out with a haunting single line piano-note, while warm cellos playfully create a warm atmosphere. A special retro synth hit accelerates the tempo and keeps building until the tension gets released by the kick drum and the shuffling beat. An euphoric, warm and gentle feeling comes over us as echo vocal snippets and synth blips continue to keep the energy high and thriving, until we break down into the warm analogue cellos again and the song closes with the signature treated piano and weird emotional fragments of ancient synths.

“DAY IN DAHLEM”​ is a symbolical metaphor for a day and time spent somewhere ​out of the ordinary​. You try something ​different​ and new, you experience ​nature​ and just get ​lost in the moment​….


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