‘Mindfuck’ is a personal and intimate yet lavish electronic pop track by Danish singer/producer Vibeke Falden. The narrative is built around bright and vulnerable vocals backed by subtle soundscapes. It’s almost naked in places and Vibeke’s sparse production choices make the listener a part of the intense battle going on inside her head. As she sings about fascination with a digital reality and how it can “fuck with our minds”.

‘Mindfuck’ is featured on Spotify’s New indie and alternative playlist, along with artists such as FKA Twigs and Flying Lotus.

Although drawing influences from artists such as FKA Twigs, Arca, Kelela and Hudson Mohawke, Vibeke Falden doesn’t imitate. Her tracks are exploratory and adventurous, yet very strong in melodies and hooks. Vibeke Falden is a versatile artist, multi-instrumentalist and a convincing live performer. She has supported Imogen Heap, performed at the Danish festival SPOT and Arctic Sounds in Greenland. She has played shows around Europe and Scandinavia, as well as U.S.A and Iceland.


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