Premiere: Vince Fontainn Drops Promo For “March Madness Vol 2” | @Mrvincefontainn |


Vince Fontainn Returns with a Promo video For his Upcoming Project! 

Newport New hip hop artist Vince Fontainn is back at again this year with his up and coming release of March Madness Vol 2 the mixtape. After the well received local response to March Madness Vol 1 Fontainn was eager to return with a sequel and get regional to national recognition. Fontainn says ” My love for sports keeps a lot of my projects in theme with sporting events, the energy and excitement of the moment is what I want in my music”. The theme March Madness Vol 1 reflected was the elite eight of the March Madness basketball Tournament with only eight tracks of explosive lyrics and powerful energy. The mixtape had features of close friends speaking on his talent and how they always want to hear more of this amazing music and talent. March Madness Vol 1 even has a feature from the rapper/producer DJ Kyle formerly from the trio music group Rekaste.

Vince Fontainn explains that keeping his music true to his daily life is extremely important.

“I had to have my family and friends on the tape with real messages because you want to shed your real skin in your music creativity is dope but music is lost without pain and struggle of your story”.

Fontainn made a mash of video of the intro from Vol 1 shot by Gifted Imagez including and impersonation of the legendary voice Dick Vitale again honoring sports theme in project with additional freestyle B Boy from the project. The visuals are slick yet gritty as Fontainn’s imagery comes to life of what he puts in his content. The video features Fontainn’s home city of Newport News, Va and his High School.

Fontainn raps “My life real aint no lie about mine/ you know I tried to go to school you know expanding my mind/ I had the football dream I took the football route but somewhere along the lines all my time ran out/”

The video is full of energy, angles and perspective has Fontainn believes life with sports and music go hand and hand. Below is a link of of Vince Fontainn’s video, take a look for yourself at this art full circle and ask yourself … Is this a name I need to keep my eye on?