Vitamin Cea and D. Horton – “My Skin Is Black” | @TheVitaminCea @KS_DHorton |

Vitamin Cea

Vitamin Cea and D. Horton go bar crazy over “The Story of OJ” instrumental to convey their personal perspectives of the chaos in world around them, specifically for Black beings. Check out “My Skin Is Black”

February has came to an end which also means so did Black History Month. To keep the spirit going year round, Mississippi’s own Vitamin Cea debuts some soulful music. As a culture of people that have always overcome oppression and the toughest of obstacles, black people have their own special sense of strength. With this basis in mind Vitamin Cea recruits D. Horton as both assess the status of Black America in their own way over Jay-Z’s “The Story of OJ” instrumental.

On “My Skin Is Black”, both artists delve deep into the issues that face our race in terms of perception, social status, cultural influence and more. The track acts as the first release from Vitamin Cea in quite some time, as well as the first from her upcoming mixtape “GRADUWAIT”, which is set to be released in the coming months.