Walt Flames – “Ouch” (Official Video) | @WaltFlames |

Walt Flames

Walt Flames gets into the Halloween spirit with the release of his horror flick inspired video, “Ouch”

The Nashville, Tennessee native continues proving that the area is far more than country music and blues. His latest effort is the the kind of stuff nightmares and dark thoughts are made up of thanks in part to producer, Unhappy Hank. Walt still continues to campaign last year’s “It’s Gon Hurt” EP strong. “Ouch” is the outcome of crossing trap with stab flicks and finds Flames in a possessed state on mind. All hell ensues there after and for over two and a half minutes straight. There’s a deeper meaning to the song than what lies on the surface. Tune in to the video above and see if you can decipher the lyrics for yourself.


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