Wes Phili Goes Old School Style For “Super Fly”


Super Fly

“Super Fly” finds Philadelphia native Wes Phili building upon his old school influences and was produced by Jay x Jay –

Wes Phili is a Philadelphia artist that grew up listening to Hip Hop greats. He’s heavily influenced by the likes of Mobb Deep, Nas, Black Moon and Da Youngstas and the likes. A freestyle over “The Start Of Your Ending” by Mobb Deep is what influenced Wes to begin pursuing rhyming himself. When asked about his outlook, he stated, “I consider myself to be eclectic, so I intend to take hip hop to places one woudnt expect, by experimenting with different sounds rather than sticking to the usual boom bap or trap beat”. His latest tune, “Super Fly”, is a coming-to-terms record. Phili speaks on previous life experiences, growing into his own shoes and now having the ability to stand on his own two feet and express his feelings through music.