What To Watch For Next Year’s Award Shows

With the Oscars having wrapped up (and The Shape Of Water having won Best Picture), we’re officially through the award season that honored the best in entertainment from 2017. So, naturally, it’s time to look ahead and wonder what we’ll be talking about another year from now – not just in film, but in television and music as well.

Most of the best material for 2018 likely hasn’t come out yet, and particularly in film it probably won’t until later in the year. As we get closer to the award shows (the Emmys will be first up among the big ones), we’ll start to get an idea of the contenders. There will be resources talking about the best of the best in entertainment, with this platform being one to watch for some of the actual betting odds on winners. Generally, even if betting odds aren’t dead on, they can at least give us an idea of which one or two nominees will compete for a given category. But right now it’s too early for any of that. Right now, it’s pretty much pure speculation.

In a way that’s the fun part though, so without any more chatter here’s a look at some of the people and projects we expect to be talking about when the time comes to honor the best of 2018.

The Television

The most interesting category to watch this year in television will be comedy. Veep has won Best Comedy Series at the Emmys three years in a row, and as stated here is now ineligible to win again given that it won’t return in time. Before Veep, Modern Family held the crown for five straight years. Meanwhile Master Of None, another series that would be in the running, isn’t producing a third season, which makes this category (and the acting awards that go with it) wide open. Keep an eye on new seasons for Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Black-ish, and Better Things. Atlanta is probably the hottest show on that list, though Better Things is trending up, and there could certainly be a push to honor its mastermind, Pamela Adlon, in the aftermath of her former comedy partner Louis CK seeing his career ruined.

Where drama is concerned, it’ll be a very intense fight between the shows you might expect. The Handmaid’s Tale will be the defending champion and eligible for its second season. Game Of Thrones will also be eligible for its seventh, which wrapped up last fall. But between Stranger Things, This Is Us, and most notably the upcoming second season of Westworld, this is going to be a very busy category. We’re betting Elisabeth Moss (the lead in The Handmaid’s Tale), Jeffrey Wright (a key returner in Westworld), and Sterling K. Brown (the face of This Is Us) are in the running for acting awards.

The Music

Music is the most difficult arena to make predictions in, because you really never know what a new album or song is going to sound like until you hear it. With television we can at least make guesses based on recent seasons and past performances. Nevertheless, we’ll point out a few artists and albums to keep an eye on throughout the year as they seem like potential nominees for major Grammys in 2019.

Some of the obvious candidates include Kanye West (rumored to have imminent new material), Arianna Grande (whose new album has been teased by Pharrell Williams), and Migos, who’s suddenly one of the hottest names around. There are some other artists and albums to watch out for also though. Jack White’s comeback with the new album Boarding House Reach seems like a virtual guarantee to earn critical raves, for instance, and the odd but trendy Vampire Weekend is back with new material this year as well. Some of the best oldies in the business could be in contention for top awards as well, with Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney both putting out new music.

The Films

Spring really isn’t the right time to look ahead to the Oscars since most of the best films don’t come out until late in the year. But since the Academy Awards just wrapped up, one can’t help but wonder. All we know at this stage is that Black Panther did so well it might break into some major categories (with a Best Director nod for Ryan Coogler probably most likely).

There are plenty of other films to watch for as well however. Two that could make for an interesting clash are If Beale Street Could Talk and First Man, because these will pit Barry Jenkins and Damien Chazelle, respectively, against one another once more. They’re two of the best young directors working, and went head to head with Moonlight and La La Land just last year. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman is also looking like a powerhouse, starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, and there’s also early buzz for a project called The Women Of Marwen, starring Steve Carell.

Time will tell if any of the people and projects highlighted here wind up under serious consideration. But at the very least this should give you an idea of what to look out for this year!


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