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Who is Bianca Clarke

TCH: Ms. Bianca Clarke (aka: “Anything You Want You Go Get It”). How are you today? Thank you for clearing your schedule to sit with us today.

Bianca: I’m great, thank you for the platform!

TCH: You go by the name Bianca Clarke where did that name come from?
Bianca: Bianca Clarke is my real government name. I chose to use my real name, for one because it has a nice ring to it and a lot of the greats use their real name.
TCH: You’re from the A as in Alabama, not too many rappers from there; tell me what the music scene is like there and what made you want to be a femcee?
Bianca: Alabama is a very laid back state. It’s slow pace, but at the same time it holds a lot of cultural value. The music scene is growing. I found interest in music when I was a kid, but hearing Nicki Minaj made me want to rap.
TCH: You rap like you have a purpose to prove, What is this purpose that drives your creative process?
Bianca: I feel like I’m the underdog, so I always have to go 10 times harder.
TCH: How old were you when you realized you wanted to be an artist?
Bianca: I was around the age of 8 yrs old. But I didn’t start pursuing music until I went off to college.
TCH: Being a lady emcee what challenges do you face trying fight your way in this industry?
Bianca: I face a lot of challenges, one being men in the industry feel like because you’re a female your suppose to be quiet and not really have a voice. Men don’t really like dominate females. So maintaining my respect is a everyday journey. You have to let people know that you won’t tolerate disrespect and you want fair treatment.
TCH: Describe your situation: are you indie or are you major? If major what do you like about it? If indie do you see yourself in the mainstream light?
Bianca: I’m independent at the moment, but I don’t think I will be for long!
TCH: You have a single called “I’m Wit It” featuring Trina and Tokyo Jets from Grand Hustle, how did that collab happen and what transpired for that record to happen?
Bianca: I built a relationship over time with Trina, after doing a few shows with her I felt it was only right to get her on a track. I later added Tokyo Jets to the record which was dope.
TCH: Do you have any upcoming projects you are coming out with?
Bianca: Yes I’m about to drop a project called “Queenaveli” be on the look out for that!
TCH: How can people get in contact with you?
Bianca: You can follow me on IG: QB_Bianca, Twitter: QB_Bianca, Facebook: Bianca Clarke, and also check out my website QueenBianca.com
TCH: We at Hip Hop Headquarters thank and appreciate your time. Much success to you with the new single and any other venture you have in the future.

Bianca: Thanks so much for everything!


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