Why Hip Hop Artists Are Investing In CBD


CBDThe hip hop culture appears to be primed for the cannabis industry if you take a closer look at it. The average rapper very likely had to do a fair deal of hustling to find success. This means making use of whatever is available and making the most out of those tools. This may explain why so many rappers are involved in various other products that fall outside of the music industry. Those rappers who have created their own brands have become extremely successful in recent years. However, one industry that has attracted many from the hip hop world is the cannabis market.


Before we get into why hip hop artists are investing in CBD, let’s look at who some of them are and what they are doing.



Cypress Hill’s B-Real is quite deeply involved in the cannabis industry. He has developed highly-regarded strains plus created something called Phunky Feel Tips. These are glass tips that can be used at the end of joints to make smoking them easier. But that’s not all. B-Real has his own dispensary called Dr. Greenthumb and hosts a web series called The Smokebox.


This rapper has one of the largest cannabis brands in the US with his Girl Scout Cookies weed strain. Add to that a clothing line and other products that have been built around the Cookies lifestyle branding and you understand why he earned $8-million in sales last year alone.


He is in the process of launching his own weed strain. Cam’ron has done the research necessary and is well into the development phase.

Freddie Gibbs

The Freddie Kane OG weed strain is the creation of Freddie Gibbs.


Moon Rocks, regarded as one of the strongest strains on the planet, was created by Kurupt.

Riff Raff

Probably best known as a joke rapper, Riff Raff has established his own weed strain called Jody Highroller.

Redman & Method Man

This legendary rap duo invested in the app known as Blaze Now. What it does is uses your precise location and show you where nearby dispensaries, delivery services, doctors and vape shops are compared to where you are.

Snoop Dogg

A truly big name in the cannabis culture, Snoop Dogg created the brand Leafs by Snoop which has been a huge success.

The Game

The Game has been busy. Not only was he the first celebrity with his own dispensary (The Reserve), he launched Trees by Game, and a line of cannabis-infused lemonade drinks called G Drinks.

Wiz Khalifa

Another well-established rapper in the cannabis industry, Wiz has his own strain (Khalifa Kush), his own brand of rolling papers and an educational mobile game called Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.


What Is So Attractive To Hip Hop Artists About CBD?

There are several reasons why rappers are getting involved in the cannabis industry. Here is a quick look at the main reasons why they are.

1 – Big Name Endorsements Translate To Revenue

Anytime a celebrity promotes a product of any kind, sales typically soar for that product or brand. With hip hop artists jumping on the cannabis wagon, they will be bringing along their established fan base. Those fans will become customers of the products created by or promoted by their favorite rappers.

2 – The Market Is Still Growing

There is no doubt that the cannabis market is much more than just a fad. In the United States alone it has been estimated to have a value of $11.3-billion. Projections point to that ballooning to $146-billion by the year 2025. That is a compound annual growth rate of 25% by 2025 which means the industry will keep growing.

3 – Cannabis Actually Produces Results

It’s easy to say that a celebrity endorsement is going to be good for any brand but that particular brand had better produce results. One of the most intriguing things about the cannabis market is that the products do exactly as they have been claimed to be able to do. From pain management to fighting anxiety, and more, it really works.

4 – There Is Clinical Research To Verify Claims

While there are tests still being conducted, there has been enough clinical research to date to back up the many common health benefits that have been credited to CBD oil. The anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD are extremely effective in easing arthritic pain and all other forms of swelling, as an example.

5 – It Doesn’t Just Benefit Humans

Where the CBD oil market becomes attractive is when you consider that there are a few sub-markets as well. Probably the best known of these is in the pet industry. Veterinarians are finding positive results in promoting the natural remedy of CBD in treating many pet ailments including stress, arthritis, and lethargy.

6 – Athletes Are Using It

Cannabis products are not just for the average Joe who has some aches and pains from years gone by. Many athletes turn to it ranging from football and basketball players to boxers and MMA fighters. Claiming that CBD not only assists with pain management, it reduces recovery time, which makes it an attractive investment.

7 – There Are So Many Ways To Consume It

This may be one of the best things about the cannabis industry. You are not locked into just one format for the production of the product. CBD is available in oil, as a cream or gel for topical application and it can be smoked or vaped. Add to these edibles and you have a lot of choices that will attract different demographics.

In Conclusion

The culture that surrounds hip hop and rap music is raw and from the streets. The reality of the roots of this musical genre includes cannabis. Cannabis and rap music are so intertwined that there should be no surprise that many rappers have found the CBD industry a perfect fit for their career paths. From big-name rappers who have created their own weed strains to the celebrities who have endorsed the products, the connection between rappers and CBD will last for a very long time.



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