Willie Waze “Da Lexicon of a NoVA Souljah” (Album)

Willie Waze

After the release of his critically acclaimed mixtape, “Lexiconz” in September, Willie Waze returns with his Double-Disc debut album, “Da Lexicon of a NoVA Souljah”. The Northern Virginia native has been releasing dope music for years and even has several major performances under his belt. This ambitious release showcases Waze’s versatility and attention to detail. Clocking in at 30 songs total, there is ample quality material for everyone to enjoy. Everything from political and introspective tracks to entertaining skits and lighthearted party joints all surprisingly coexist extremely well on this release. In this day and age where even shorter releases are plagued with filler and forgettable songs, it is refreshing to know that there is an artist who has mastered the balance of quality and quantity. Each disc has it’s own story and arc but they both are a part of a bigger picture: that of the artist himself. The recording for this album started after the death of a Waze’s close childhood friend, Julian Dawkins, who was killed by a police officer in his own neighborhood. This event forced Waze to come to grips with his own mortality and the extent of his legacy if he was to go before his time. It was that mindset that was the motivation behind the length of “Da Lexicon of a NoVA Souljah”. Waze wanted to lay it all on the line so that his life and views up until the completion of the project could be documented in his own words. Some would even call this album a manifesto of sorts. Nevertheless, each song is filled with a glimmer of hope, strength and survival. For a newer artist to make his debut a double album shows both confidence and audacity. At this point we can’t do anything but respect it, because we haven’t heard a double project this dope and consistent since the late great 2pac and B.I.G. There’s only one thing left to do: press play and absorb “Da Lexicon of a NoVA Souljah”.
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