WindChiLL Releases New Album ‘2nd Wind’ | @windch_ILL |



Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, Windchill releases his 6th studio album “2nd Wind”. The Pennsylvania artist is like a knife in the spine or a punch in the neck, he doesn’t want your cars or your money, he just wants your respect. He is just fresh off a year full of grind mode cyphers and a west coast mid west tour. With mid west underground label Universal Language backing him, the album features some hip hop powerhouses! Chill has recruited an A List of guest appearances including AOTP powerhouse Reef the Lost Cauze, AOTP monster Block McCloud, Ren Thomas (Team BackPack Champion), label mates Shawn Keys and Proximity, Lingo (Grind Mode General), LaDii J, Mr Dead Poetz, Juan B and more! Production includes Anno Domini, Vherbal Beats, Phoniks, 2Deep, Jay Allen, Geoff Grey and more!

You can now stream the album on Apple Music and Spotify