Wrash Heed – “Undoubtable” | @wrashheed |


Wrash Heed presents his latest single “Undoubtable”. A blend of soul and afrobeats, all in one song, like a musical outlaw, he calls it “Afro-Soul”.

Voice is one thing, good use of it is another, Wrash Heed blends talent with suave effort here, a love story with a burst of excitement, with confidence, strong and electrifying aura, a blessing to the ears, filled with promises, in the season of unusual love storytelling, from Prince Harry and Meghan, exception to the rule,whatever you believe. Whatever your school of thought, one thing stands, the expression of true love will never return void, race is nothing, age is nothing, religious orientation means absolutely nothing if we understand the essence of genuine feeling, Wrash Heed has a message for everyone… Give love a chance.


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