Xero is prepped and prepared to “Talk Dirty” to you thru thru the speakers – @XeroMusicXM


Talk Dirty

Xero is a Hip Hop / R&B artist hailing out of the Detroit, Michigan area. He delivers his newest piece of work in the form of an EP entitled “Talk Dirty” –

Xero feels that a career in music is the only profession he desires. As he grows and mature, he continues to prepare and improve himself as an artist by solidifying the style that fits him better than any other. While he possesses an amazing love for music and his talent in the art, he has also obtained a great deal of knowledge on the business side of the music industry through marketing and performing; he wishes to be a part of

He recently released his latest project, “Talk Dirty”, as a birthday present to himself. On the five track project, Xero is aiming to bring back the nineties beach wave. The raw lyrical content was written by Xero and he produced the track, “Savage”. Each track on “Talk Dirty” will be accompanied by a music video and is cureently available on all major streaming platforms.