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Xiuhtezcatl delivers an extremely powerful message in the Tru featured single, “Magic”. Now the audio gets visualized by director, Josue Rivas

Xiuhtezcatl (pronounced Shoe-Tez-Caht), the young and progressive hip-hop artist, made it into the public eye as an activist speaking out on critical issues including climate change and Indigenous rights. He also performed and supported the Standing Rock movement. When he first started to write bars, he initially meant them to be a creative outlet for his activism. Xiuhtezcatl recalls “I saw this album serving as a call to action for the world. Calling my generation to overcome the limitations and boundaries our broken world has placed on us. Calling on our communities to break free from the oppression and injustice that we face.” But as the album and tracks progressed the artistic process took hold, and became less about his work as an activist, and more of a reflection of Xiuhtezcatl’s growth and self-discovery as a young man and an artist. Xiuhtezcatl drops his powerful debut album, Break Free, out now and available everywhere.

Xiuhtezcatl is a talented, motivated young man. For the last 11 years he has been in the public eye and known for his activism, movement building, work with Earth Guardians, and youth empowerment. He has impressively addressed the UNGA, given TED Talks, been interviewed by Bill Maher and made an appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah — all by the age of 17. Currently, he is one of the faces of Shepard Fairey’s + Amplifier for #WeTheFuture campaign, and suing the U.S. government for violating our constitutional rights by perpetuating the climate crisis in the trial of the century – Juliana vs. the United States. And, yeah, he wrote a book We Rise. But the music was always there, and he was always writing.

For Xiuhtezcatl, “A lot of the songs that ended up on the record, I’d began writing as early as 2014. Drafting beats in my basement on Ableton [software] and using my keyboard to write melodies and lay down beats.” He wrote with his sister, Isa, who contributed to writing vocals. “She’s kind of like my writing mentor, helping me develop many of the tracks conceptually and even offering her vocals on more than half the album. Since we’re siblings, our vibe together is very playful and freeing. It’s really funny when we both hit walls with writing cuz we just end up laughing and fucking around until we hit a break through. This project wouldn’t be the same without her.“


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