Is This a XXL 2017 Freshman Leak?

XXL 2017 Freshman Leak

As XXL Magazine prepares for their annual cover for the Freshman of the Year, an interesting, alleged leak of these rising hip hop artists spilled onto the timeline as of last night. We are not going to say for sure if this is super legit but knowing XXL it cannot be far off from the truth. With super rising artists like New York artist Young M.A with her “OOoo” track that hit mainstream pretty fast in late 2016 to Memphis artist Young Dolph with hit after hit and his current beef with Yo Gotti that went viral last week. Rich The Kidd and YFN Lucci have also been creating phenomenal airwaves. And of course my personal favorite would be Dae Dae with his hit single “Wat U Mean (Family To Feed) with a production that blew my mind and gave me goose bumps the first time I heard it. Also happy to see Amine might make this list as I have been recently put on to them by this current hit single “Caroline” which is now on my workout playlist on Apple Music. Lastly D.R.A.M. definitely deserves a slot because that track with the hit single “Broccoli” featuring Lil Yachty.

A LOT of these artists on this list I have never heard of so I definitely will be taking some time to check them out and may come back to this post and update it later. I mentioned the ones I like, I’m not saying the rest that I didn’t list I don’t know. *rolls eyes* Anyways if this is an official leak, regardless I’m not shocked for the past few years XXL has us screaming like owls every time they drop the cover.

owl who


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