Y.G.K. “State of Mind” [Album Stream] | @YGK216_ |



2017 was a hell of a year on both the positive and negative side, through everything we came out clean and with a ton of beautiful art to listen to. The conversation for underground hip-hop continues year after year, we hear everything, it’s outdated, OGs need to make way for the new cats on and on. Cleveland emcee Y.G.K makes the argument for the underground sound in his latest release “State of Mind”.


With hip-hop nowadays seemingly more focused on making a hit, Y.G.K slowed down to create a full-length album covering many topics, from different angles. After his previous release “Long Overdue” and after Kendrick Lamar’s classic “To Pimp A Butterfly” dropped Y.G.K reevaluated his approach to the music to be more transparent to the listener. Y.G.K tapped Soledad Brother to produced the entire project, the two have an impeccable chemistry and it can be felt throughout “State Of Mind”. Y.G.K drops gem after gem full of wisdom and experience that will have you think the 23 year old has been in the game for a decade.


The cohesive display of art released by Y.G.K & Soledad Brother is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The honesty of Y.G.K’s lyrics over the underground soundscapes of Soledad Brother make “State Of Mind” a must listen to obtain balance in your New Year.