Ya Minko Releases New Single “TEMPO” | @MinkoEmmanuel |

The song by Ya Minko is an affirmation holding in its words the promise of better, and greater days for all those willing to believe it the most.

It explores the power of words once they’re used to take control of one’s destiny, in practice. We are not great because life happened, we decided.

The record also uses grief, loss, betrayal & death to explore issues that affect the black community such as gun violence, generational poverty, and black on black crime, subtly using the untimely and unfortunate murder of rappers & community leaders (Ex: Nipsey Hussle) as a lens through which to explore these issues, and a source of inspiration.

The song leaves the listener with a positive message, claiming that all these issues can be overcome, while encouraging them to raise their level of awareness, to make sure they are around the right energies for their growth, their survival and their success.

Ya Minko was born in the French speaking former French colony Gabon. He now lives in the Washington D.C. area. Though predominently focused on Hip-Hop/Rap, his music is also influenced by his cultural background.

Ya Minko was introduced songwriting and record production in 2011. He immediately fell in love with the process and dedicated all his time to it,

After he moved to the Washington D.C. area in 2012 for his studies, Ya Minko focused his entire attention on the art of making records, sacrificing his academic career in the process.


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