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Yac-YanHip Hop Headquarters sits down with Washington DC-bred, Atlanta-based rapper Yac-Yan Da Biznessman.

How did you get your name?

My rap name is a mixture a few components. Yac is my childhood nickname and Yan is the first part of my first name. The businessman part came from a older guy in my neighborhood. He always liked the way I handled myself out there and the fact that I was in college. He would always say to me you are a businessman. Everybody in my neighborhood agreed because of how I did things. So I put it all together and it got stuck, Yac-Yan Da Biznessman. 

What’s your definition of “good bizness”? 

My definition of good bizness is simply delivering what was promised. Basically being a man or a woman of your word. When circumstances are out of your control damage the situation but you do whatever that is in your power to make it right, that’s good bizness.  Making sure that all parties involved are happy with the outcome!

You graduated cum laude from the University of the District of Columbia with two degrees. How did they help you in the rap game

Being educated will help you. Period. No matter what game you are in.  But, while in college I took music business classes that were taught by active entertainment attorneys.  I got A+s in all those classes.  I love the business part just as much as I love the music.  I also was an art major, so that helped tremendously.  I’ve designed 99% or had major input in all things Yac-Yan Da Biznessman, from CD cover, logos, websites, t-shirts, videos, photos, etc.

You’re from DC but based in Atlanta. What are the pros and cons of each city? 

The pros for DC is of course it’s home, it’s the place that made Yac-Yan Da Biznessman.  Most of my support and initial fan base are in DC.  Most of my team are based in DC. The energy of the city keeps you on edge. The cons of DC is that the city is mainly a go-go town musically. The radio stations don’t support and help break local artist. Also because of gentrification, the city no longer is the DC I grew up in, which is good in some aspects but overall not so good for the people born and raised there. The pros of Atlanta is its becoming the black entertainment mecca. It’s a music town and also one that decides what becomes hot in the rest of the country. The radio stations give local artists huge support and opportunity. Great place to network constantly. There’s always several music events happening. Some of the cons of Atlanta is the vast amount of aspiring rappers. You have a lot of misleading people in the way that you have to navigate through. Also it can be a kind of Hollywood at times.


I just want to shoutout to everyone that has taken time to listen to my music. Especially the ones that have purchased my music and supported the movement.


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