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Shuttle Gaing Entertainment & Yng Rell Release “Dreams Dipped In Gold”

Yng Rell aka Mr. 434 stops by after spending the better part of two years recording in Miami, Fl; the renown Hit Factory Studios, Danville, Virginia home based recording artist is proud to present “Dreams Dipped In Gold”, a collaborative mixtape featuring artists from Rell’s Shuttle Gaing Entertainment.

Consisting of 13 songs laced with heavy, fast – paced production and guest features by an array of different artist’s on the Shuttle Gaing roster, “Dreams Dripped In Gold” sets out to lay the foundation for future releases from the label.

“I’ve been grinding hard for a minute now and have been all over the country from Miami to Atlanta to LA and i realized there is so much talent in Danville. It took awhile but now that we have everything set up on the business side, It’s time to start feeding the streets and really put on for the city”

*For press, bookings or more information Please contact ShuttleGaingEnt@gmail.com

Stream/Download “Dreams Dipped In Gold” :

About Yng Rell:
Born in Charlottevilles, Va ,but raised in Danville, Va, Yng Rell decided to resume his love for rap when his friends encouraged him to start again, once he was released from the Navy. His self written lyrics portray many things he has seen in his  life. He often writes on personal situations of friends, himself or just random things in general, but his love for music and clever word play come through loud and clear. His debut mixtapes titled “I Ain’t Like Them” and “Shuttle Gaing pt.1 Shuttle life” that were previously released on datpiff, maffiamixtapes.com, thatcrack.com and several other sites shows how his various styles prove to have something for everyone.
Latest Visuals :
“Don’t Talk To Me” Feat. Yung Proof –


 “Water Whippin” Feat. Psyco


Twitter @YngRell


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