Indie Artists Really Need Help Out Here!

I truly believe that a lot of you artists need help. Don’t take this the wrong way, though, because I’m actually trying to help you, so don’t curse me out, because I fight back!

Here’s a little tip for you rappers and artists. If you didn’t know by now, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vitally important to your success on being noticed in every single facet of the internet. Why? Refer to the three images below. They show that my name brings you the “top results” & “more results” for everything that is me. This is part of a crash course on Digital Marketing, so listen!

You Artists Need Help

You Artists Need Help

You Artists Need Help

The images above show consistency on the pseudonym that I go by. It is a one of a kind unique name in the entire world of the interwebs. Not everybody can be lucky with such simple yet, unique names, but I assure you, that you need to make sure your name can be searched by these search engines properly. If not, you’re fucked, basically.

If you had a really odd name, trying to be the “we are not the same” type, instead of investing in a unique but simple name, then you’re gonna run into problems with these blog sites, stream sites, platforms, and what have you.

Take my name for example, if I were to put “Ma.this”, that ‘period’ fucks up the focus keyphrase or keyword, even if it wasn’t mentioned prior to anything. It won’t be able to properly search for your fuckin’ name on Google because it ends a sentence!

Pick a name, stick to it, make sure that every single fuckin’ part of social media is signed up with that name; down to the email, and on every single platform you find. You can’t be (artist name here) on one platform, and then be (artist name here123) on another. You’re fuckin’ up your possibility of being searched in connection with your chosen name just off that.

It all boils down to what people can easily search for. If I want to look you up, then you better have all of your platforms connected to every single thing you do in your life of wanting to be a great artist. Because if you don’t, then I will not take you seriously and neither will a lot of others.

Thank you for coming to my THQ Talk.


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