Young Pablo Releases New Single “20” |


Young Pablo carves his way into a new generation of rap by using playful melodies and lyricism to lay substance on social issues and personal struggles.

Young Pablo describes his latest track 20 “At the age of 20, tryna figure life out. Changing between degrees, being at uni, no job, no girlfriend and struggling with this idea of faith. Just accepting that this is where you are, at this point in life, trying to sit with it and make it fresh AF.”

Young Pablo, born Jeremiah David Luke Romeo in 1997 to a devout family in Narrandera (population 4000, 100km west of Wagga), was utterly unhip to hip hop thanks to the influence of his father (melodicBeatlesque pop) and brothers (punk stylings of Blink 182, +44, Sum 41 and other numerous bands). Admittedly, he’d sassed his way out of piano lessons, the teacher kicking him out on account of disciplinary issues; but then given the choice of instrument he took to the drums, which he honed through weekly service as a musician in his father’s worship team.

In 6th grade Jeremiah’s teacher, noticing his love for skateboarding and the like, sent him to a hip hop camp run in the Big Smoke by the Sydney Dance Company. It was here that, for all intents and purposes, everything changed and Jeremiah was born again. That’s not to say Jeremiah stopped getting on his knizzles to praise Jizzle Chrizzle, just that having met so many cool new people and hearing new sounds and rhythms, his body began to sing and his mind and soul started dancing in ways they never had before.

A year later, Jeremiah’s folks bought him access to YouTube via his very own laptop. Finally able to curate his own playlist, Jeremiah was able to explore this no longer foreign culture further. His first three albums he remembers well, having listened to them through headphone during every available moment: Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV; 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’; and Eminem’s Recovery.

By his Senior Year, Jeremiah was composing major works in the hip hop genre for easy marks. But he was also secretly penning verse to vent his spleen, not quite connecting the two until a canny music teacher suggested he rap over the top of his music. This was another easy way to score better marks. But in the process, Jeremiah realised he could write music, and ‘songs’. Thus, Young Pablo was born.


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