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Young TruthWith a heart of gold and solid bars to match, Harlem bred emcee Young Truth is in a league of his own. The year just started and listeners from across the country are digging his latest single New Bag, featuring Young Twizzy, and fans everywhere are waiting to see what’s next for the upcoming Eastcoast artist.

Sure of himself, his craft and his future, Young Truth sat down with Triple HQ to shed some light on trying to make it in the Big Apple, surviving the claws of the industry and what’s in store for his brand in 2018.

What initially influenced you to become a Hip-Hop artist?

I was always into Hip-Hop as a kid. My mom would play Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chambers album. My little brother’s dad was an upcoming rapper as well. He’d come home and play his new songs for me which kind of sparked my interest.

New York City is one of those places most musicians dream about! What’s it like being born and raised in the Big Apple? Is the place to be or do you feel it’s overrated? 

Being raised in New York City isn’t like what most people see on TV. However, it’s a wonderful experience. It’s so much inspiration here. I’m influenced by the ghetto I was raised in, solely because it builds character. I don’t think the Big Apple is overrated at all. I’ve been living in NYC all my life and I still haven’t seen it all.

Your new track New Bag is a feel-good record with a lot of energy from Young Truthbeginning to end. What was the inspiration behind that track? What made you link with Young Twizzy for the feature?

I consistently try to find the silver-lining between the music I’m inspired by and New Age Hip-Hop. I wanted to use the trap like elements but make sure I kept a concept the masses could relate to. The lyric “they gonna hate when I get a new bag” was just a reality to me. Whenever I wasn’t doing too well, it seemed like everyone loved me. The moment I start advancing, the love turns into hate. I wanted to tuck messages in there but still have fun with it. Young Twizzy is from Harlem and I enjoy his music. It’s only right both Youngs connected!

What is your biggest musical inspiration?

My biggest musical inspiration is Jay Z. A kid coming out of the projects with all odds against him but still manage to achieve great success. That’s very inspirational to me. As a writer, he allowed his listeners to connect with his music and brought people into his world. It was either you could relate or you were just interested in the story you were listening to. I still listen to Blueprint.

Young TruthWhat makes you different from the host of rap and Hip Hop artists emerging right now from the NYC underground scene?

I actually connect with the people. It isn’t just a bunch of plays and going viral for me. I show the real me and people feel that. I show my flaws and my following respect me for it. That’s the reason I bring so many people out to my shows because they relate to me. We all can make great music but it ain’t too many artists in tune with the people the way that I am.

What can listeners expect next from the Young Truth brand in 2018?

A bunch of features! I want to focus on collaboration because my audience rarely hears me with other artists other than the ones I roll with. New Bag was the start of it. Listeners will hear me with artists they never expected. I will also get more into producing records and creating hooks for other artists. I don’t want to limit myself this year.





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