Youthfire Ft Diemne – Emerging


Youthfire presents their new incarnation titled ‘Emerging’, a collaborative effort featuring Melbourne rapper, Diemne

Youthfire is the moniker of Melbourne based singer and producer, Stephen Carmichael. Sharing stories about their personal life through compositions influenced by futuristic perceptions of new wave and 1980’s pop music, Youthfire has a unique sound that breathes new life into the Melbourne electronic and dream-pop scene. Over the last year, Carmichael has been in incubation. Honing in on their own identity and musical endeavor, Youthfire has been busy collaborating with friends to learn and grow as a songwriter and producer. Now, the fruit of their labor has produced some of their most exquisite music yet on ‘Emerging’, their latest single.

Featuring Melbourne rapper Diemne, backing vocals of long time friends and collaborators Abraham Tilbury and Mo•Louie, and strings by accomplished cellist Kathryn Mckee, ‘Emerging’ is a story of love, discovery and triumph over hardship. Inspired by the documentary ‘Chris and Don’ and paying homage to its protagonists Christopher Isherwood and his much younger lover, artist Don Bachardy, Youthfire has created a world of wonder and awe on ‘Emerging’. Reimagining this tale of a lifelong relationship between two characters, ‘Emerging’ is an honest and touching account of Carmichael’s own self-discovery.


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