Yung Outlandish – “The Race” (Freestyle Remix) | @YungOutlandish |


Baltimore’s rising artists, Yung Outlandish drops a freestyle over Tay-K’s current hit, “The Race.” Outlandish describes his version of the record above.

“Killing the track comes as a duty to me. This is one of my favorite songs out right now, so I decided I would test myself by free styling over the “The Race” and creating my own remix to it.Oh, and #freeTayk.”

Yung Outlandish

From the west-side of Baltimore, MD – rapper Outlandish got his start through a connection to his homeboy Apollo; and it wasn’t long from there that the entire city would know his name.  Bringing an intense lyrical approach to the mic with an aggressive attitude that boasts massive amounts of confidence, precision & skill – Outlandish draws on influences from rock to rap-music to create his own signature style.

A member and integral part of the MobTown crew, Outlandish continues to push the boundaries and borders of cracking jokes and keeping it real through the rhymes he creates.  Known for his bold rhythm & flow – this lyrically-sharp emcee always tells it like it is in relatable ways that the people out there truly connect to.  A wordsmith on all-fronts – Outlandish keeps it lyrical and lit with the energy on-high in ways the ears truly recognize as the gold-standard in entertainment.