Zeroer TripleHQ Exclusive Interview



EBC:  Hows it going man?  Your new album, Fusion, is about to drop real soon.  How are you dealing with the anticipation?

Z:  I’m extremely excited to hear everyone’s thoughts on the album.

EBC:  So the album is called, Fusion.  Can you tell us what the meaning is behind this title?

Z:  The whole idea was to fuse the genres of music that I listen to the most and turn them into one style, hence the title. Also with this project I wanted to create something really special and hopefully different than anything else on the market right now to solidify my own brand.

EBC:  You got Yak Nasty on the first video for the project, Credible Threat.  What made you want to get Yak involved with that song?

Z:  I’ve worked with Yak a couple of times before and he’s always been a really cool guy and someone who’s really interesting to work with, who brings their own flavor to whatever track they’re on. For “Credible Threat” I knew I needed someone who could spit really aggressively and hammer the concept home and he certainly fit the bill.

EBC:  How long were you working on, Fusion, and what was that process like?

Z:  Honestly I started working on this project back in 2012, but I knew this was something I couldn’t rush because I was trying to find my own unique sound. The process was really touch and go and very experimental. I learned about synth design and how to perform it efficiently on this project without any real experience with that prior–a lot of late nights and tutorials. The music for the album was about 95% complete before I started writing any lyrics which is somewhat of a different process for me because I usually take it song by song. With this I looked at the album as a whole.

EBC:  So now that the album is almost here are you planning your next move?  What can we look forward to next from Zeroer?

Z:  Without giving too much away I am working on another project. Also refining my stage show and trying to create something really awe-inspiring.

EBC:  Any other artists you planning on working with in the near future?

Z:  That’s a tough question because when I collaborate I try and find an artist that’s best for whatever song I happen to be doing.  I create the collaboration around the song rather than the other way around.  I can tell you that Danelle Hayes is going to be on the next project and she’s amazing.

EBC:  So you play guitar heavily too.  Not too many rappers that can make that claim.  How does being a true musician help you with your approach to making a song?

Z:  I would say it’s most beneficial when I’m trying to create a specific mood in a song.  Knowing keys, expressions and dynamics really helps when you want to create a specific type of track and evoke a certain emotion in the listener.

EBC:  What artists out right now are you a fan of and what new releases are you excited for?

Z:  I’m really excited for the new Tool release whenever that happens to be. Also excited anytime Skrillex comes out with anything. I’ve been getting into the humanoid opera lately which is really crazy and I love it.

EBC:  If you can work on a record with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Z:  Wow, that’s a hard question to answer…I’d have to say either Trent Reznor or David Bowie in his prime.

EBC:  Anything else you want to tell the people checking this out right now?

Z:  Yes. When you buy the album take an hour out of your life, sit in a dim room, put your headphones on and listen to it start to finish at full volume. That’s the way it’s meant to be experienced. Thank you